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What sets LVP apart?


We’ve sat in your chair. Prior to joining LVP every member of our team had the awesome responsibility of overseeing the addition of new talent to their respective teams. Whether they came from oil and gas, construction or manufacturing we completely understand the hurdles you encounter.


Committing to use a recruitment firm is expensive. The cost of a hire that doesn’t work out is immeasurable. Understanding this, LVP provides a 180 day placement guarantee to ensure the personal style of a new hire ultimately matches the corporate culture of your business.


Working with LVP is a partnership. Getting to know you and your hiring needs is essential. We will not overwhelm you with resumes hoping something sticks. Through our in-depth onboarding process we will understand your business and the needs you have.

Hiring the right candidate doesn’t end our relationship. Our quality assurance and follow-up further set us apart.


  1. Understand your needs.
  2. Engage our significant resources to source a broad selection of candidates. This includes the passive candidate that might not even be actively searching for a new opportunity yet when approached by one of our team with the assurance of confidentiality they are eager to explore the opportunity.
  3. Shortlist: You tell us how many candidates you want to see. We provide you with our insight into their experience, style and skillset.
  4. Interview: We can design, facilitate and provide you with all interview and reference documentation. Any vetted candidate will be presented with confirmation of work experience, education and training.
  5. We secure your ideal candidate and are so confident in the value we add to the process we provide a standard 180 day guarantee.